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Reason #7 to Live in Portland

Reason #7 to Live in Portland

The Waffle Window.

Seriously, it’s a window. That isn’t just a cute alliteration, it really is a window in the side a of a building. And through it come the most delectable creations.

Cathy was in town last weekend so we made our 2nd Annual Pilgrimage to the Waffle Window. This time we dragged Dad with us. The three of us had a lovely Saturday morning breakfast even though the sun wasn’t quite ready to shine.

Cathy had the Bananarumba: super-delicious-waffle with fresh sliced banana topped with caramel sauce and fluffy whipped cream with a sprinkle of granola on top.

Check. this. out.



Dad and I both had the same one with peaches-and-strawberries-and-lemon-curd-and-whipped-cream-deliciousness. Man o’ man. Here’s mine before I sucked it down.

Peach WaffleAnd because I love them and I just can’t stand the cuteness, here’s a pic of Dad and Cath’. Aaaawe.

Cath and Dad

If you need to visit the Waffle Window yourself, you can find their info here. Or follow them on Facebook.