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What Makes You Happy? 9-13

What Makes You Happy? 9-13

Number 9:  This video.

How can that not make you smile? Shout out to Cath’ for sending me that link!

Number 10:

A few weeks ago I went back to Bend for an amazing weekend with the women’s ministry there. Kitty and her team always host fantastic events but this one was off-the-hizzle. So to speak. This one was an all day event with Carolyn Custis James. She is one of my favorite authors in all of the universe. If you haven’t read her books you absolutely should. Start with When Life and Beliefs Collide. Or possibly Half the Church. But honestly, The Gospel of Ruth is also awesome. I took photos of the event because I love how Kitty always uses a them for the promotional products, the print materials, and the environmental stuff. She gets it! The weekend was devoted mostly to Carolyn’s book, Half the Church, and was titled, Beyond Compassion. Women were challenged to understand their value as God’s image bearers and then to take action on behalf of other image bearers. (Lucky me, I got to do the print stuff for them!) Here are my lame photos-I-took-with-my-phone.

Here’s the table, all set and ready for guests.


Such healthy snack choices to start the day…


Kitty always makes sure the bathroom is extra special too.

photoDon’t know if you can tell, but for the centerpieces on the tables and then in the ladies, Kitty’s team took quotes from Carolyn’s books and framed them.
Love this.


The auditorium.


Carolyn was lovely and down to earth. She was inspiring and challenging and insightful. Yeah for a great female speaker and author!

Number 11:

I spent the night with Kitty on Friday night which was super fun too. And it meant, that I woke up to this face. How can that not make you happy?!?


Number 12:

A give away! Carolyn graciously signed books after the event. I had her sign my mangled copy completely with underlining and marks and dogeared corners that I’ve loaned to everyone and their mother. But I also got a lovely fresh new unmarked copy of one of her books with her signature just for one of you! To enter, just comment with something that makes you happy. We’ll pick a number for the winner and mail the book next week. Enter as many times as you like before midnight on Tuesday.

Number 13:

We went to the live broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera’s La Boheme this morning. It was awesome. I was a little apprehensive that it would be too heady for me to follow or it would be hard or….but it was really just amazing. In between acts they broadcast the behind the scenes footage so you can watch the scene changes and everything. Those people are remarkable. And the singing. Oh my. Yep–if you’re even the least bit interested I absolutely recommend it. I came home and started following their facebook page so I won’t miss the next one.

That’s it for today. What makes you happy?!?