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Where I’ve Been

Where I’ve Been

So honestly, I’m guessing you’ve been so busy in your own lives that I’m sure you haven’t noticed my absence but, um, I’ve been away for a while. It turned out that school was a lot more demanding than I anticipated. But it has been great! Truly, I’ve been super challenged by my classes. It’s shameful to admit but it’s been a much more robust (can’t believe I just used that word) program than I expected from “a junior college.”

I took two classes and they were super interesting and pretty challenging. My teachers were night and day different but both were knowledgeable and kind, both were super generous with their time and their expertise, and I learned a ton. There were just ten students in my class so it was a pretty intimate setting…which has the potential to be crazy intimidating since we routinely shared our projects in the work-in-progress stage. Yet it was an incredibly nurturing setting. Today we shared our final portfolios with our class plus the other so we had our usual ten fellow-students who’ve come to know our work AND ten total strangers who were given free-reign to critique, yet it was a remarkably kind and encouraging experience, not in a false, saccharine kind of way. I can’t point to how they created that environment but it is lovely–professional but casual, comfortable but authentic. And it turns out it makes us all better. Go figure.

They’ve done an impressive job of planning the classes together so that our projects overlapped between one class to another. Today’s assignment was to compile all of our projects into a fourteen page composition that showcased our finished designs. You’ll see that we were each assigned a creature for all of our assignments this term so, yes, I’ve spent ten weeks drawing gorillas.

Here’s my final project…