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Fun Projects

Fun Projects

It’s been a hundred years since I’ve written. Of course that doesn’t mean that I haven’t cooked any meals, read any books, or had fun Portland experiences. It just means I have been too undisciplined to sit down and write about them.

But school starts next week which always feels like a new beginning to me. Maybe it’s the years I spent in the classroom as a student AND as a teacher. Either way it feels like a fresh start right when all the bright and shiny has warn off of the year. And it feels to me like it’s maybe time to pick up some of those goals I let drop.

Summer has felt crazy with our business and me recovering from my Achilles injury and Charlie Brown having surgery with WEEKS of follow up care, and a trip to Chicago and visits from friends that feel like a big deep breath and all kinds of other chaos. But fall feels like it will be fresh and new, a chance for renewed focus and fresh discipline. Oh, and I’m going back to school! But that’s another post.

I’ve been working on some really fun projects at the shop. The kinds of things that get me pretty excited about getting my work done! So thanks, customer-friends, for projects that inspire me! I’ll post more in the next few weeks but for now here are some fun notepad ideas I’ve been working on for a “front-row” teacher-friend.

P.S. Shameless marketing: See something you like? I’d be happy to personalize any of these images for you. We can create notepads of any size or quantity–you choose! And then ship to whatever location you prefer.

Linda Notepad 1 primary colors

Linda Notepad 3

Linda Notepad 2

Linda Notepad 2 with color

Linda Notepad 1