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A Word for 2013 and i {heart} erin condren

A Word for 2013 and i {heart} erin condren

It’s a year for goals and resolutions for me. A couple of my friends (by which I mean at least one friend and then the bloggers that I follow who are, of course, my best friends even though I have never met them, in a completely un-stalkerish kind of way) have talked about having a word for 2013. I’ve been thinking about it too and have decided, with absolutely no originality, to use the same word as my friend, Hannah. It’s intentional. I want to be intentional about my friendships, not let them slip even though I live far away from most of my closest friends. I want to be intentional with my family, in our current situation it’s easy to slide into what-do-we-need-to-do-to-get-through-this instead of embracing our time together. I want to be intentional about the disciplines of my faith, it’s time for us to plug back into a community of faith and that will take some deliberate and intentional efforts on my part. I want to be intentional about my own time–whether for exercise or reading or cooking or whatever hobby, I don’t want to finish 2013 with the best record in Bejeweled and none of the books on my “to-read” list checked off.

Which, of course, leads me to my resolution chart. I am a believer in packaging. I am so much more likely to follow through if I have something cute on which to track my success. So I made my resolution chart. I created it to match my life-planner, sight unseen. Here’s the final version for January.

small january chart

And then my life-planner from Erin Condren arrived. It’s perfect! It’s kind of splurge but here’s my thinking: I could spend less on something not so perfectly cute that I will quickly tire of and likely stop using. I’ve decided now that it’s worth the splurge because it completely speaks my language, on sooo many levels.


Even the shipping box was cute! Here’s what greeted me inside:

Image 10

Did I mention that I’m a sucker for packaging?!? Don’t you just LOVE the so-cute round sticker with the asterisk? The green envelope is full of customized labels, a promotional effort on their part that will likely result in a larger order from me next time. Inside the cute purple tissue was my planner for this year.

Image 1I chose the “favorite things” design and filled it with Nancy’s Truths. What a fun reminder of my life philosophies! Here’s what the inside looks like:

Image 3Month at a glance. (Love that there’s a trip to Des Moines planned for April on my calendar already!)

Image 4Here’s the daily/weekly page. I am particularly pleased that there are spaces for goals on the monthly page and on the weekly page. I can put the steps toward the final goal on each week. (Baby steps, right?)

Image 9It comes with a whole bunch of cute, pre-printed stickers. They are exactly the right size to fit on the month-at-a-glance or the daily pages. This is to mark my sweet niece Kelly’s birthday.

Image 5The back of the planner comes with this pocket page. It’s the perfect size to hold my monthly resolution chart. This makes me absurdly happy.

Image 8You can also order extra stickers, matching notepads (wish I had done this,) matching pens (pictured here,) and an adhesive pen loop. A girl could get seriously carried away with all the matchy-smatchiness. (Did I mention she also does iPhone cases and Kindle covers. Oh dear.)

Through out the planner are super cute little quotes–all formatted adorably in perfect fonts. Because fonts matter, you know.

Image 6

What about you? What tools are you using to help you live intentionally this year? What word or phrase are you hoping will speak to your life choices for 2013?