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I keep thinking about generosity…

I keep thinking about generosity…

I keep thinking about generosity. I keep thinking about generosity in the form of compliments. They cost the giver nothing! (Not even pride.) And they can completely turn the tide for the receiver. I have an instructor who has twice now given me a kind word. I know, I am truly embarrassed by my on-going need for affirmation as a 40-something woman. But back to my instructor. He has given me compliments–not huge, not disingenuous, not ridiculously superlative, just a simple, “I have confidence in you.” When I am doubting my ability to meet the task, those five words are life changing.

And it makes me think. His generosity has changed my day. It has, perhaps, changed my thinking. And if so, it has changed my life, right? One little sentence, informally offered. Life changing.

If that’s true, why in the world am I stingy with praise?!? If I can turn someone’s perspective for the positive, can impact their day, can change.their.life.  why in the world… I mean, seriously, what earthly reason can I have for withholding that?

So that’s my new task. Among my regular life tasks like laundry and vacuuming and homework and writing quotes at the shop, I’m adding this one just for fun and it  has the potential to change lives. I’m choosing to live generously and I’m choosing to do it intentionally. How about you? Are you in!?!