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Why I Run (Reason #11)

Why I Run (Reason #11)

While I was at Cathy’s recently, she asked me when I get alone time. She knows me well. It’s important to me to have a little space. Introvert–you got me. During my “sabbatical,” as I’ve come to call our time at camp, it was pretty routine for me to spend the whole day alone while Glenn worked. I talked on the phone or watched TV and everything–there was no vow of silence or anything. But it was space for me. And I was shockingly okay with it. Now there’s not a lot of space for me. We’re either at the office or home. And when I’m home I feel kind of obligated to give Dad a break instead of hiding in the basement and sneaking a little alone time.

And so now I have a new reason to run: It’s my alone time. Unlike reading alone in the basement, which I could easily do for about three hours before I even blinked, I can only sustain it for so long so Dad knows I’m coming home eventually. And it’s hard to argue that we’re not all better off when I’m getting out there. Being outdoors, getting away alone, the strain on my muscles and the fatigue in my body are all good things. They allow me to be better when I’m home too.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d go for a run with Amy or Julie or any of my running friends again tonight if I somehow could but for now running is a solo thing for me.

So I have a new reason to run.