What’s for Dinner {This Week}

What’s for Dinner {This Week}

Today I’m subscribing to the better-late-than-never doctrine. Here’s what was for dinner…

Monday: Green Salad with Pesto-Chicken


Super-Simple Non-Dairy Pesto

My husband is a card-carrying member of the over-buyer, if-one-is-good-many-is-better club. Ergo we have many, many basil plants. He likes them with fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzarella and a sweet aged balsamic. In fact he’ll probably pretty much live on that in the month of August. But for now, when the tomatoes are little green pebbles, I have a ton of basil. My problem with that is the only thing I know to do with it is make pesto. But most pesto has a boat-load of parmesan in it. Which makes it delicious but also crosses it off my no-dairy list. But you guys! I tried this recipe for Non-dairy Pesto. I figure I’ll make it every weekend and just fill my freezer! You won’t even miss the parmesan. At her suggestion I made ours with toasted pecans instead of pine nuts.

I stuck in the freezer but we’ve already used it so I’m planning to make a ton this weekend. Here’s why…

Green Salad with Pesto Chicken
This wasn’t a recipe so I can’t point you anywhere but here’s what I did. I prefer to eat tossed salads but I love how composed salads look on the plate. So I took a page from an ATK recipe and dressed each portion separately, then plated the salad so it looked beautiful. You can make this with whatever vegetables you prefer or have on hand. I used English cucumber, radishes, haricort vert, kalamata olives, celery, and cherry tomatoes. I made a light dressing that was about 3 parts pesto and one part olive oil & fresh lemon juice. I chopped the salad greens and celery and tossed them with the dressing then plated. I placed sliced radishes in the same bowl and tossed them with a scoop of dressing then placed them on the salad greens in a stripe. And repeated it with the cucumber and tomatoes. I blanched the green beans and did the same. Then made another stripe of chopped kalamata olives. Last I cooked chopped chicken breast until brown and then tossed with plain pesto and spread that across the top of the plate. Here’s how it looked…


Serve this with some delicious bread and more pesto (is is possible to have too much?!?) for dipping.

Tuesday: I’ve been doing a summer Bible study with my sister on Tuesdays so a crockpot meal was perfect. I made this Slow Cooker Balsamic Beef and served it over hamburger buns like an odd french dip. Incidentally, the recipe calls for a 3-4 pound roast so that’s what I asked for when I ordered my groceries. They sold me two 1.5 pound roasts. I put them both in but we didn’t even finish one! I have a full roast left so expect to see that in our weekend menu or next week.

Wednesday: My sweet man took me out to dinner because we were on the other side of town. #iamspoiled

Thursday: We tried this new recipe for Smoked Sausage and Zucchini Skillet. It’s a winner.

Friday: Tonight it’s burgers. Yum!




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