What’s for Dinner? {this week}

What’s for Dinner? {this week}

Hi Friends! This is some kind of record…two posts in two weeks!

If you’ve been a “long-time-reader” you know that in the distant past I wrote pretty regularly. About three years ago though I started having some bothersome issues with food and the way my body responded to a number of different things. (Read: itchy itchy itchy when I ate anything that wasn’t chicken. Okay, maybe there were a few more things on my list but definitely not rice, potatoes, tomatoes, bananas, pineapple, mango, oranges, or dairy protein.) At which point I pretty much stopped posting because who wants to cook for that person?!?

Since then I’ve added most everything back in…still no mango or dairy protein. I’m pretty sure those are legit’ allergies not just intolerances so it’s likely I will never again enjoy a creamy delicious ice cream cone or pizza dripping with melted cheese. Or maybe I will and I’ll just deal with the itchy…because Pizza. Along the way I’ve figured some things out and I’ve certainly started cooking more from scratch. (You can make most recipes with a dairy substitute like Almond Milk so you don’t even miss out but you have to make it yourself.)

So while I am not vegan nor Whole 30 nor paleo nor whatever-other-really-great plan is out there, I do cook with mostly fresh or simply canned foods. Here’s the plan for this week…

Monday: it is finally nice here in Portland. After seeing the sun for about a day and half between New Year’s and Flag day we are rejoicing and celebrating with all things summer. Which means tonight it’s burgers at our house. And yes, I’ll probably make them again for 4th of July. I’m crazy like that. Weird note: most hamburger buns are made with milk; but if you’re avoiding milk protein, you’re almost always safe with wheat buns. I’m planning to pair our burgers with some fresh watermelon and this Corn-Chowder-Salad from Smitten Kitchen. It’s a new recipe for me but I think it sounds delish and with potatoes newly back in my repertoire I’m having to fight the urge to put them in every meal. It’s early for fresh corn here but I have some I cut off the cob and froze that I want to use up before it’s corn season again so win-win.

Tuesday: Last week while I was looking for the link to the Pork and Pineapple Stir Fry (Did you try it? Soooo yummy. I switched out the mushrooms (eeeuw) for bell pepper and added some spinach since I had it.) I came across this recipe for Shredded Pork and Pineapple Tacos. The flavor combo sounds fantastic and it’s a crock pot recipe. Check and check.

Wednesday: BBQ Chicken Salad We have a ton of lettuce in the garden right now. But lettuce and hot weather don’t play well together. While the warm-weather-urge to eat more salad is on us and before the lettuce goes to seed I’m looking for entree salads. (Cath’ and I call these $10 salads because you’d pay at least that for one of these delicious meals in a restaurant but you can feed your whole family for the same amount at home.) This is one I think sounds really great.

Thursday: By Thursday I am usually looking for something in the crock pot or something pretty simple. The BLT Turkey Club Wrap looks like it will be the perfect solution. There’s not so much a recipe as just an idea for how to assemble but honestly that’s probably all the inspiration we really need.

Friday: If I’m tired and cranky on Thursday night (sometimes known as Friday Jr.) you can imagine how creative I’m feeling by Friday. So Steak Fajitas in the crock pot will be just what we want. Plus slow cooking means we won’t need to heat up the whole kitchen. Hurray! I tend to just throw in whatever vegetables I have around when I make certain dishes: stir fry, lettuce wraps, curry, and fajitas. Right now I’m just planning to use bell peppers and onion but who knows what will be around by Friday. Regardless we’ll add fresh avocado and some of my favorite chips and salsa for the perfect meal.

I usually leave the weekends for whatever meals don’t end up happening as planned during the week or to try new recipes that look fun but will take too much time for a week night. Here’s one of my favorites that I’m planning to make some time this week or weekend even though it doesn’t fall into either of those categories: Breakfast Apricot Crisp. It comes together really easily and is the perfect balance of arguably healthy and sweetly indulgent. If that’s wrong I don’t want to be right!



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