What I mean when I say “Living Generously”

What I mean when I say “Living Generously”

If you’ve read my blog you know that this is kind of a life goal of mine: to live generously. And while I often fall-short of that goal, even fail completely, I am always trying to understand better how that can play out in my life. (Thank goodness for new days and new weeks and new months and new chapters too!)

I’ve been thinking lately about how generosity takes the form of a compliment. I’ve been thinking about it because, lucky me, I’ve been on the receiving end of some pleasant emails. There’s one gentleman in particular that I look forward to corresponding with because he is always so warm and positive. I don’t mean that he is gushing or disingenuous in any way. On the contrary his seems simply to see the best in the situation and to take the time to speak it into the lives of those around him. I come away from conversations with him standing a little taller, seeing the world as a little brighter. He is winsome.

So I have been looking for ways to add that into my own life. After all, there are so many things that I think I should do that are hard or actually hurt. This is not one. It costs me nothing, pains me not at all, takes nothing away from the task at hand. So when a customer turns in a file with a really great design, when a student responds with a particularly insightful comment, when the clerk at the grocery store manages to smile and welcome yet another customer, my new goal is to acknowledge that, to offer an authentic compliment that builds someone else up and acknowledges their contributions, to live generously.


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