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Book Review: Girl Meets Change

Book Review: Girl Meets Change

I just finished reading Girl Meets Change: Truths to Carry You Through Life’s Transitions, by Kristen Strong. It feels kind of like the last three years of my life have been non-stop transition so this book was perfect for me.

This is a good book. The writing is well-done without being stuffy, conversational without being fluffy. Each chapter addresses an aspect of change with thoughtful encouragement and scriptural examples. While none of it was earth-shatteringly new, it was filled with sweet reminders and pointed me back to faith and trust and building altars to mark God’s presence in my life. Who can’t use a little bit more of that? For example:

“The point of our breaking points? They are the perfect place for Christ to come and be what we cannot. They are the perfect place for us to remember we have a Savior who identifies without weaknesses. He is not unfamiliar with what makes us wring our hands with worry.”

Her writing is so read-able that each chapter moves quickly. Each time they end with a prayer so this would be a perfect book for a devotional.

Here’s another quote:

“Jesus knows weakness. He’s felt weakness. And He isn’t turned off by our weakness.”

Yep. The older I get the more I am struck by the remarkable kindness of a God-that-came-down.

A dear friend of mine is facing a particularly challenging and un-wanted change so this book will go next to her. I love thinking of these words of courage and comfort going to her as she faces the unknown of her future.

Another favorite quote:

“He [God] stopped my downward spiral with plain truth: gratitude is the way of hope, especially during seasons of difficult change. When change wipes all the natural light from the rooms of my heart, being thankful is the way to usher it back in.”

Kristen Strong’s sweet spirit comes through clearly in her words of encouragement. She challenges us to be women of God–strong, brave, determined, though broken, scared and flawed. Yes and amen.