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End of the Term…Again


AmpersandIt’s hard to believe it but the end of the term has come again. At this point I have finished four of six quarters. And I’m still loving it. This fall I took a branding class. My teacher has a studio of her own and I am so impressed with her work. The course assignments were really valuable and pretty creative: at the beginning of the term she assigned each of us a client from her own customers and we took it from there…renaming, researching, three rounds of branding and a final brand book. She and her co-workers acted as “the client” and gave us feedback on our projects, sometimes particularly insightful, design-based feedback. Ha.


To finish up we took our projects and created two books: a brand book and a process book. In real life the brand book would be for the client. Essentially it says, here’s your brand and here’s how you should use it. This is particularly important for a large corporation, university, or franchise where lots of people will be using the logo since it provides a uniformity to the brand implementation. The process book, on the other hand, would be for future employers to show them the work you did and the process you followed. It allows folks to see what you did with input from the client or direction from a design mentor or whatever. It should tell the story from beginning to end, walking you from start to finish.


I ended up designing for a wedding photographer in Montreal. The beauty of the assignment is that each of us came Ligatureup with totally different solutions depending on the particular project we were assigned. (My classmates created some STUNNING projects!) So, without further ado, here are my books. You’ll see the process as well as the final brand and its directives, along with everything in between. Click below to check them out…

Branding Book

Process Book