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End of Second Term

End of Second Term

I’ve been meaning to write some more about school for quite a while but didn’t have anything bright and shiny to show you all. Here at last, something post worthy!

The good news is that the pace of class has changed quite a bit. Class sessions are twice as long which allows for a lab-style session. It’s lovely to work amongst my classmates. They’re gifted and talented and inspiring and challenging. And it’s been super fun to watch them improve and grow through our class sessions.

At the end of the term, just before spring break, our final project was to create bookcovers for fictional books, based on the podcast of our choice. I picked This American Life, one of my favorite podcasts, and started with a blank page. It turns out, if I work the process, the way my instructors have told me to, it actually works!

So first up was sketching and then a mood board. Here’s mine…(the pencil sketches aren’t mine…I found them online but loved the feel they brought.)


My first idea was to pick specific episodes that went with my theme–you know, episodes that all had some kind of connection: topics, locations, like that. My instructor pointed out (accurately) that choosing by theme would limit my project. If prospective clients saw it, they would think I could address those specifics, but what about episodes that have nothing to do with my topic or location? So I broadened the idea and added the globes because it turns out that This American Life is remarkably global.

I wanted to try hand-lettering since This American Life has a certain casual feel to it…something hand-made and conversational seemed right. So the title of the episode on the reverse and the main title for the whole series are hand-lettered within the confining shapes of the U.S. map or the globe. I ended up using a much simpler font to set the rest of the text.

To start this, our third term, we have done a photo shoot of our bookcovers. Super fun! We set up studio lighting, used a sweep, and took our photos. I could get seriously sucked in–there’s always one more idea to try and a way to refine the photo you’ve already shot. Next we retouched them so that required new Photoshop skills. (And I’ll be retouching my Facebook photos from now on. Ha!) And here are the finished photos.





What Makes You Happy? Day 14

What Makes You Happy? Day 14

A trifecta: sleeping in, alone time, a whole pot of coffee all to myself, sunshine, and conquering homework. I suppose a trifecta should only be three good things, but I was on a roll. What is five… a pent-fecta?

How about you? What made your Saturday glorious today?!?