What Makes You Happy? Day 4

What Makes You Happy? Day 4

I skipped a couple days…not because I was unable to find something to be happy about. No, I was unable to get a photo of something to represent my happy thoughts. But not today. Today I stood in the middle of a store and took a photo just for you.

Sundays are among my favorite days. Glenn and I go to church and then have lunch at our favorite spot. I order the exact same thing every week. (So pathetic, right? But man it makes me happy.) It’s a lovely day and fills the spot of a date for us. Today, since it wasn’t our week to teach in Imago Dei Kids, we went to early service. We were ridiculously early for lunch at that point so we headed over the river to Powell’s. A little tricky today because of the Shamrock Run but even that was kind of funny. Portland is such an odd and quirky place!

So today’s photo is of the sign in Powell’s.


Truthfully, this is one of Glenn’s favorite places in the world. And HE is my favorite in all the world. Ergo, I like Powell’s. We wandered around, I checked out their supply of typography and graphic design books, and then I picked up a used copy of Gone With the Wind for book club.

Love books. Love my guy. Loved today. What about you? What made you happy today?


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  1. I love reading what you post…always! I also love that today it was snowing early morning, but now the sun is shining bright…clouds are forming incredible images…I’m so reminded of His creativity!

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