What Makes You Happy? Day 3

What Makes You Happy? Day 3

This morning as I was hitting my snooze button (for, um, the third time?) my phone dinged that I had a text. Glenn had already left for Rotary so I thought maybe he had something to tell me…some paper that needed to be picked up, some order we needed to figure out, something I had let slip between the cracks or an errand that he needed me to run. But I was wrong. Instead when I cracked open my eyelids and fumbled for my phone, here’s what I saw:

Sweet Meredith

This is the youngest of my three nieces, Meredith. Who got her braces off…today. How can you not be happy looking at this face?!?

It makes me so happy that despite the fact that they are several thousand miles away, technology makes it possible for us to share within moments of an experience. But what makes me even more happy, delighted even, is that she wants to share it with me. I always wanted to be the cool aunt that takes you out for shopping or ice cream or to get your nails done. But living half a country away has stymied that impulse a bit. So hurray that she wants to share with me. Hurray that she knows I love her even though Oregon is a long ways away. Hurray that Meredith got her braces off. Hip Hip, Hooray!

Now you.


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