What Makes You Happy? Day 2

What Makes You Happy? Day 2

I’m not certain this will be a daily thing but I have to say I loved the change in my perspective today–I had about fifteen different ideas for what to post! How fantastic is that? Exactly what I want my life to be: consciously and intentionally moving from one abundance to another.

So I’ll save my extra ideas for another day when I’m feeling less cup-half-full and use this one for today (since it’s hard to say when it will happen again.)

blue skyYou may be scratching your head and saying, what in world? Here’s what this is (and I promise I was stopped at a stop light when I took this.) This is the view today up through the sunroof of my car as I was driving. Noticeably absent: rain, mist, showers, downpour, drizzle, sprinkles, gloom, overcast, clouds, fog, …precipitation of any kind! Hallelujah for sunshine and not-a-cloud-in-the-sky.

Your turn…


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