What’s for Dinner: January

What’s for Dinner: January

Two Three things we know about me:

1. Without a plan for dinner I will always choose pizza.

2. I’m not finding time in my regular schedule to make the plan I like to have.

3. I cannot eat pizza every day or I will be big as a house.

Solution: This year my thought is to plan a whole month at a time. I did it a few times last year when I had an unusual un-scheduled day. Turns out I kind of like it. For starters, it helps me not simply alternate between Taco Salad and Cathy’s foolproof stew. Although I fail to see what really would be so wrong with that.

My process has been to select 5-7 “categories” and come up with four options for each then just plug them in to a monthly calendar. It means that we aren’t eating only comfort food, allows me to space out the rice dishes (Glenn likes rice, Dad prefers potatoes) and try to find some balance between asian and mexican dishes, etc.

Everytime I cook anything in the crockpot I think it is miraculous. Coming home to dinner already cooked is off-the-chizang. I mean, why would I not do that everyday? Well the answer is because there are evidently a finite number of crock-pot recipes out there–just endless variations of the same thing.

Anywho, crockpot recipes made a double category in this months planning, alongside soup, meat & veg, new recipes, 30 minute meals, and favorites. I’m also trying to sneak in a few meatless options. (A true vegetarian would not approve since they still have chicken broth.)

Here’s a look at my planning scribbles…

monthly planning scribbles

So here’s the plan for January. You’ll see I was using my ATK cookbook to find some new recipes (those are the ones with the page numbers.) The green entries are all on my pinterest if you want to follow along.

January menu

P.S. I highly recommend the Cook’s Country Beef & Bean Burritos. They are super yumalicious!


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  1. Ok…completely blown away in your recipe management! I thought you were good with your time management…but this is over the top! I’m so proud of you! You are my inspiration!
    Miss you, love you!

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