What She Said…

What She Said…

It’s been one of those…evenings, days, weeks, seasons. I’m loving what I am doing and I’m confident it is the right place to be. If you asked me, moment to moment, if I am happy, fulfilled, content, the answer is yes. But in the big picture, I feel like I’ve left some of me behind. Some of the good things. Things I liked. Goals and discipline and a place to call my own. My friend, Michelle, tells me…repeatedly (thank goodness)…that this is a season. It won’t last forever. I like that because it both reminds me to pay attention and also eases off on the pressure a little bit. The time is short. Truly.

One of the things I’m struggling to find is the space to live a creative life. I miss reading good writers and searching pinterest and trying new things. There’s just not that kind of margin in this season for me. And I see the price I am paying…I am less creative. I spend less time thinking creatively. Less time writing. Less time pondering.

So today, since my well is a bit dry, here are links to some of my favorite bloggers/writers who all seem to be saying things I wish I had said, or I meant to say, or I was going to get there eventually, I hope.

Here they are…enjoy.

Shauna Niequist on Storyline Contributors. (This isn’t her regular blog which is also amazing but I loved what she said here. Made me think of this thing my friend Michelle said about how life is full of seasons.)

Laura Kelley on Pitter Patter Art. (And check out her artwork while you’re there. Some day I will own a Laura Kelley original!)

Laura Tremaine from Hollywood Housewife. (Click over to her book lists while you’re there. My new favorite place to check for new recommendations.)

I’m pretty sure I’d be best friends with all of these girls if we were ever to, well, you know, meet. Seriously, their writing challenges and inspires me. It gives me hope and reminds me that I am not alone. And really, what more could you want from a bestie?

And my sweet, sweet friend, (I actually know her and really truly am friends with her–not in a stalkerish way like those others….) Kerry wrote this. My heart says, amen and amen.


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