What’s for Dinner {This Week}

What’s for Dinner {This Week}

Okay. I am embarrassed even to post this I am sooo phoning it in this week. Erm. Literally. Here’s what we’ve done:

Monday: Dad and Glenn went to a conference so Mom and I had sandwiches and leftover potato salad. Watch out, Julia Child, I’m coming for you.

Tuesday: Pork chops. That’s where I started and all I had. So I stopped at our closest produce stand and got some salad greens and broccoli and some absolutely yumalicious balsamic vinaigrette. I threw some potatoes in the oven and pan-fried the pork chops before I doused them, liberally, in the dressing. Simple and good.

Wednesday: Take out from The Original Taco House. If you haven’t been there, give it a try. It has kind of an odd vibe when you first walk in. (Fun house mirrors, really? Don’t you want to make me look THIN when I am coming in so I’ll eat a lot?!?) But the food is super delicious. Especially the salad dressing. And if you live in Oregon, check the refrigerated salad dressing section at your local market, chances are you’ll find it there. I promise, you won’t be sorry.

Thursday: My MIL was here. It’s become our tradition to watch a Gaither Homecoming video after dinner. (It’s a nice alternative to Dad’s sports and more engaging for all of us.) This week’s episode (the last of our currently held installments!) was filmed in Maui. So in keeping with our theme we had Hawaiian Chicken with pineapple and sticky rice and I made a purchased bag-salad that was cabbage and wontons and some kind of yummy sesame dressing.

Friday: Tonight we’re working late so Mom and Dad are on their own and we’ll get take out at the shop.

Saturday: I’m thinking eggs and bacon and pancakes. I love pancakes but Glenn will never choose them for actual breakfast. At dinner though, if I offer some protein too, he’ll sit up and eat a stack with me.

That’s it. Hope you’re having a fantastic week.



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