What’s for Dinner {this week}

What’s for Dinner {this week}

I’ve missed a few weeks of menu posts here. I planned the meals and we ate and everything, I just never got them posted. Maybe because they seemed rather uninspired to me, hardly worth sharing. Which may seem like a set up for a really fantastic menu this week but that would be wrong. This week is, once again, just regular, kind of boring. But here it is, just the same.

Monday: Lettuce Wraps and white sticky rice.

Tuesday: Pasta Fagoli with Sourdough Rolls

Wednesday: Made-to-Order Grilled Sandwiches with Potato Salad and Strawberries

Thursday: Lasagna with take-and-bake baguette and green salad

Friday: Take Out from Siam Grill

Saturday: Breakfast-for-Dinner…scrambled eggs with bacon and cinnamon rolls

Sunday: Chef Salads

I do have one small fun thing to offer. Dad asked me what was for dinner earlier and I asked him if he’d like to have our weekly meals listed somewhere just so he knew. (That way he can decide to not have chili from a can for lunch on the day we are having chili for dinner that night.) He said yes. So I made a menu for the kitchen cupboard and of course, I had to make it cute. So here it is. (This is a kind of low resolution version. If you want a pdf or the pages file, message me in the comments.)

weekly menu

Here’s a question, dear reader. Are you interested in this menu thing? I know it’s gotten much less interesting since I started working again. I guess I never realized how spoiled I was by our late eating habits when we were both working in Bend and then how lucky I was to not be working! Now, like everyone in America, I am looking for simple and quick on weeknights which seems kind of uninteresting to read about. So…if you’re interested in seeing this weekly menu stay a {mostly} weekly thing, will you tell me in the comments?

Happy cooking.


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  1. Of course I want to see what your cooking! Some of your combos inspire me because I forget how simple dinner can be and delicious too! BTW…love the weekly calendar of meals! Can you color coordinate for personal kitchen color schemes? 😀

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