What’s for Dinner {This Week}


My plans haven’t gone exactly, well, as planned this week. I hit Costco on Monday with a list for dinner that night. But it turns out the really easy, delicious and simple pork tenderloins I used to purchase aren’t there anymore. I came home with a pork loin roast which is pretty tasty but cooks in, um, an hour and a half instead of 20 minutes. Hmm. Plan B it is. And since I was planning on using leftover pork on Tuesday we’ve had to regroup a little. So here’s what we’ve been eating around here this week.

Monday: sloppy joes. When I got home and realized that we wouldn’t be eating until about nine if we did the pork I did a quick study of the fridge and discovered I had all the fixin’s for sloppy joes. So even though Glenn said he didn’t really want them the last time I suggested it (perhaps this is why I had all the ingredients?) I made them and we ate them and it was fine.

Tuesday: chef salads. I did big dinner plate sized salads for each of us. I love to do that because then we can each have what we like best: sliced salami on Glenn’s but not mine since there’s garlic in it, crouton’s (store bought this time, so sad) for Dad and Glenn but not for Mom or me.

Wednesday: dinner at the Chinese Garden. Some friends of my parents are missionaries in Japan. They’ve been home for a little over a year while they reconnected with supporting churches and their girls started college/finished high school. For a large part of their time here, they lived with Mom and Dad. They’re heading to Japan next week so we had a farewell dinner with some of their mutual friends last night. It was a lovely time with some faces have been familiar to me for most of my life.

Thursday: I finally did the pork roast today. I stuck it in the crock pot this morning with a lot of lemon pepper and a couple sliced lemons. I thought it was good but honestly kind of boring. Dinner was saved though by everything else: asparagus with parmesan, good bread from Costco toasted with parmesan (sensing a theme, anyone?) and a big good green salad. Here’s what I did for the salad: I started with a bagged salad of kind of fancyish greens, added chopped celery and cucumber, tossed in a liberal handful of craisins and chopped pecans, dressed it with homemade balsamic vinaigrette, and then piled on the shredded parmesan. I’ve never been a salad dressing maker. I know lots of people that do but somehow I have never made that jump. I pretty much use bottled salad dressing or just toss my salad with oil and vinegar. But tonight I made my own from a recipe in Shauna Niequist’s book, Bread and Wine. Super easy, super basic and it may have made a believer out of me.

Friday: pork fajitas and fresh fruit. I cooked two of the roasts thinking we’d need them both but I have almost one whole one left. I’m planning to shred it and cook up some yummy veggies and onions tomorrow. I’ll season with fajita mix and we’ll eat them wrapped in tortillas. Yum!

Saturday: Family Pizza. We have four family birthdays in March so we’re meeting the whole Hee Haw gang for pizza on Saturday night. I’m super-looking forward to it. These are good people, ladies and gentlemen. I am so lucky!

Sunday is the Memorial Service for Uncle Jack so we’ll be eating on the road between here and Eugene or nibbling sandwiches in the reception hall. I know it sounds odd but I’m looking forward to seeing family and celebrating his life, well-lived.

That’s it for now! Bon appetit!


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