So Grateful

So Grateful

Evidently it’s one of those seasons. One where hard thing piles up on hard thing. Last night my sweet Uncle went to Heaven. Honestly, I liked it better when he was here. I know that’s not the right attitude and I am sure he is there feeling strong and healthy and singing karaoke with the angels and making the saints laugh. And that’s so good. But here, those of us left behind, are really sad. I’m sad for my sisters and cousin who have lost an amazing uncle who loved and teased and made us feel special. And I’m sad for my cousins who lost their dad yesterday, can’t imagine saying those words. And I’m so sad for my sweet father who must feel like he’s getting a double whammie, losing his brother as he slowly loses his wife. But I’m also super grateful. I’m grateful for 40+ years of Thanksgiving dinners with Uncle Jack teasing about how much we’ve eaten, I’m grateful for a trip to Gold Beach with Mom and Dad and Uncle Jack and hearing them tell stories about great-aunts and uncles and their childhoods. I’m grateful for visits in Newport and more stories, sometimes wild ones, from when they were young men. I’m grateful for countless games of ping pong and Uncle Jack’s own “yahoo.” I’m grateful for his three sons who each carry the best of him on to the next generation–his humor, his compassion, his friendship, his empathy, his generosity, his loyalty, his love, his laugh. I’m grateful for the time we shared.

And I’m so grateful for my sweet sisters who help Dad carry this added weight of loss and stand in the gap with me. Can’t imagine doing this alone and so I’m grateful for sisters to walk the path with me. I’m pretty sure my sisters are among God’s kindest gifts to me.

And I’m so grateful for you, friends, for your prayers for our family.

So grateful.


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  1. Nancy,
    I wish I could just hold you right now and let you know I hurt with you for your loss! So sorry! Not many words of comfort to say…just that I will keep you in my prayers, and your whole family too! So hard to lose someone dear and special in our lives! Huge void that no one can replace…other than Jesus! Thankful with you for the memories that no one can take away!!!
    I pray His comfort for you all as grieve the loss of one incredible uncle (even though I never met him, I just know he was amazing!)
    Praising God for where he is right now!
    Hugs, love, in Him,

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