What’s for Dinner {this week}

What’s for Dinner {this week}

Sorry, friends, I’m a day late with the menu and honestly it’s not going to knock your socks off or anything. We are in the crazy-steep learning curve time of being new at a business so our meals are pretty simple and can pretty much be phoned in. In fact, quite a few of my resolutions have gone by the wayside this month (more on that later) but here’s what I’ve got.

Monday: Beef & Broccoli in the Crockpot. Yep, in the crockpot–I made it last night and it was pretty good. Not you’d-never-know-it’s-not-Panda-Express good but still very tasty and totally identifiable food which I love. We served it over white sticky rice.

Tuesday: Sloppy Joes with chips and green salad. Is it possible to be any simpler than that?

Wednesday: Brats with beans and fruit salad. Yep, it turns out there is a simpler meal than sloppy joes!

Thursday: Dinner Out (Yippee!)

Friday: Mom’s Meaty Spaghetti with bread and green salad.

At this point, most of my goals for the month have been temporarily abandoned (three or four blog entries per week? I think not!) But I have continued with my daily readings and I can’t resist sharing this one with you.

Creating Beautiful Memories
by Henri Nouwen

What happens during meals shapes a large part of our memories. As we grow older we forget many things, but we mostly remember the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners in our families. We remember them with joy and gratitude or with sadness and anger. They remind us of the peace that existed in our homes or the conflicts that never seemed to get resolved. These special moments around the table stand out as vivid reminders of the quality of our lives together.

Today fast-food services and TV dinners have made common meals less and less central. But what will there be to remember when we no longer come together around the table to share a meal? Maybe we will have fewer painful memories, but will we have any joyful ones? Can we make the table a hospitable place, inviting us to kindness, gentleness, joy, and peace and creating beautiful memories?

So let’s set the table, prepare our meals, even Sloppy Joes, and eat well.



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