What’s for Dinner {this week}

What’s for Dinner {this week}

Hi Friends,

Today’s a big day: I’m officially going back to work. After a year of “sabbatical” that was really moving twice, some odd jobs and recovering from surgery, I’m headed back out to the work force. We purchased a local printing center called Minuteman Press and we start today. Game on!

What does that have to do with dinner you ask? Quite a bit. I am unsure about my new schedule and how our new routine will shake out. So this week’s dinners are crock-pot or low fuss. We’ll see how this week goes and decide if there’s time for the fun and fancy or if we need to keep it simple.

Here’s the menu:

Monday: lettuce wraps and white sticky rice…quick to make, uses lots of veggies, and Glenn loves his sticky rice

Tuesday: acorn squash stuffed with chicken sausage and apples…We loved this last time so it’s reappearing. Glenn’s not a fan of squash though so his will be served over left0ver white rice.

Wednesday: meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green salad…comfort food at its finest.

Thursday: beef stew with heart-shaped biscuits and applesauce. My MIL comes for dinner on Thursday nights plus this Thursday is Valentine’s Day. Instead of making an all red meal or fixing something fancy and fussy, I’m going for the slow cooked beef that cooks all day and shaping my biscuits into hearts. Haven’t decided yet if I’ll make these biscuits from scratch or bake up the poppin’ fresh ones I have in the fridge.

Friday: pork chops with rice pilaf and brussel sprouts. The rice will be a riff on this recipe (which makes a ton, incidentally.) And the brussel srpouts, which I have literally never prepared, will be my attempt to imitate an amazing dish we had in New York. If it works, I promise I’ll share.

That’s it for me–I have to run because, you know, I have to get to work! (Don’t want to make the boss mad on the first day.)


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