What’s for Dinner {This Week}

What’s for Dinner {This Week}

This week’s schedule seems a bit out of control already and it’s only Monday! (eek!?!) But here’s at least one bit of chaos under control, our weekly menu.

Monday: Beef Stoup. This was on the plan for dinner last week but we splurged instead and met sweet friends from Bend who were in town. On another note, have you tried Fuji’s in Clackamas? Very yummy Japanese table-side cooking.

Tuesday: Porkchops and Noodles. This is a whacky old family dinner. I have no idea where it came from other than Dad described it to Mom as something he had growing up. It’s pork cut in bite-sized pieces and served with soy sauce over noodles with a hard-boiled egg. I know, right? But it’s actually pretty yummy. I’m sure Glenn will skip the soy sauce and boiled egg since he has no childhood nostalgia to make it delicious.

Wednesday: Beef Roast in the crockpot with Baked Potatoes and Steamed Broccoli. This is the recipe from the little booklet cookbook that comes with your crock pot. When we were first married we couldn’t agree on the right way to cook a potroast–somehow neither of us liked the others’ family recipe. So we tried this one and started a new tradition. I like it because it’s foolproof, quite flavorful, and uses ingredients I generally have on hand.

Thursday: Chicken Chalupa Casserole with Chips ‘n’ Salsa and Green Salad. This is a recipe I got from Cathy. We’re not big casserole eaters but this one has made it past the Glenn test. Shh–don’t tell him there’s sour cream in it! One of my dearest friends will be in town on Thursday so I’m looking for something I can make ahead and serve my family (MIL included since it’s Thursday) and still spend my afternoon playing. Viola–casserole. Here’s the recipe:

Chicken Chalupa Casserole

3-4 chicken breasts, diced and cooked with taco seasoning8-16 ounces sharp cheddar cheese, grated
8-10 tortillas, cut in bite-sized pieces {We prefer flour.}
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 cup sour cream
1 small can chopped green chilies (optional)
1 medium onion, chopped

Cook chicken and onion with taco seasoning to taste. Combine soup, sour cream and chilies. In a greased 9×13, make a layer of tortilla pieces, top with a layer of chicken, cover with a layer of soup mixture and sprinkle cheese over all; repeat. Cover casserole with foil and bake at 350* for 45-50 minutes or until heated through and cheese is melted.

Friday: Chef Salads

Nothing terribly creative or cutting edge this week but it should all be pretty simple, pretty yummy, and relatively nutritious. Enjoy!


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  1. That’s a lot of meat there little lady! LOL! I hope you have a great week and I look forward to seeing you soon hopefully!

    • I know! I keep thinking about that whole meatless Monday and how I’d like to do it and somehow we end up with meat every time. Maybe you should hook me up with some fantastic recipes for Mondays! You can be my guest blogger!

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