Reason #6 to Live in Portland

Reason #6 to Live in Portland

Little T Bakers. Oh. My. Love this spot. Glenn found it a long time ago when we still lived at camp. It was ridiculously located for us when we were so far out but now…now that we’re closer in, look out! In fact, it’s pretty close to our church, making it perfectly located for after-church deliciousness. I’m afraid it’s possible that we’re falling into the habit of stopping on our way home.

We’ve tried several of their loaves of bread and they are delightful–good and crusty outside, moist and delicious inside. (Be sure to try the rosemary and sea salt!) We also tried a pretzel bread stick (yes, please,) the lemon drop biscuit (perfect balance of tart and sweet,) ginger cream scone (fantastic with a cup of coffee,) and their chocolate croissant. I’d order everyone of them again in an instant. They also serve made-to-order breakfast and lunch sandwiches that look amazing, along with specialty coffee drinks. They brew Stumptown Coffee so just a cup of drip is terrific too.

They’re located at 26th and Division. Or follow them on facebook. Check it out.



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