Resolution Check In

Resolution Check In

We’re two weeks into the new year and I’m wondering how you’re doing with your resolutions. Studies show that some 40% of Americans set resolutions. They also show that the simple act of committing your thoughts to paper in this arena improves your chances of success. Just check out this image I found online if you don’t believe me:


Kills me every time. They showed this in church on Sunday and I loved how people chuckled at first and then laughed again and again as they read farther into the list. Truly, we tend to have the same plan every year, right? But there’s nothing like a little public humiliation accountability to help you accomplish your goals. So in the interest of success, here’s my check in.

Week one was fantastic! Yes, I am able to sustain my resolutions for one whole week. Impressive, no? Week two? Not so much. But it’s not a total wash. Here’s the inside scoop:


Week One I ran three times for a total of 11 miles. Check and check. Week Two I ran twice for a total of 8 miles. Fail and fail. But yesterday I added two miles to my usual run so that I can stay on track for my monthly mileage even though I can’t get that extra run in last week.

I am doing great here. No surprise since I love this. I read The Picture of Dorian Gray for my book club, Half Magic, a children’s lit book from Gretchen Rubin’s monthly suggestions, the third installment in The Mysterious Benedict Society, another children’s literature great, a leadership book (super short) called The Leader’s Checklist, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s book on Holiness. Since I love to read this one is easy for me so here’s my challenge in this area for the rest of the month: I’m supposed to speak on holiness (eek) at the end of February which gives me just a few weeks to, you know, learn something about holiness. (Because that’s not an intimidating topic!) So for the rest of this month, while I am sure I will read some meaningless fiction (I have a plane trip coming up and that will be required), I am really planning to buckle down on the holiness books I bought for Christmas. Please ask me how they are coming.

I’ve read my Bread for the Journey daily (super easy) and have made it through Genesis so far (also pretty easy since it is all narrative, but Leviticus and Numbers are coming.)

Cooking & Baking:
This one is hard to avoid since if I blow it off four of us will go hungry. But I have made my menu each week, hit the grocery store with a jumbo shopping list for the week, and had something yummy baked too.

This has been an interesting project for me. I’ve never done much with it before but have always wanted to pursue it. So this is a good exercise. I am pretty excited though because it has led to me using my own lettering in a graphic I am working on. This is definitely a first but has been a long-time-though-mostly-unspoken goal. Once the project is complete I’ll tell you more.

Week One = four posts. Week Two, not so much.

So while I am not 100% I’m not totally blowing it either. And I think a lot of that is because of my resolution chart (now on it’s fourth or fifth or sixth? revision.) Turns out I am super motivated by a goofy little chart. I don’t remember having a gold-star chart for anything when I was growing up but it would evidently have been very effective. Who knew? I am the person that gets a nervous tic if the teacher or pastor leaves a blank unfilled in the outline so this should really come as no surprise. I am totally motivated by placing that little check in the box (not even a gold star!) every evening. I think the daily-review is helpful too. If you are interested in having your own chart, I would be happy to email you mine to start with…you can just change the text, etc to match your resolutions. Just leave me your email in a comment or message me on facebook if you want it to be private.

I’ve been thinking about some goals too: things I want to add to my existing resolutions. I’ve been thinking about choosing a room in the house to tackle each month. It would make the task less daunting and give me a chance for another gold star! Or some other relational kinds of things: I blew it on my BIL’s birthday last year and this year it will fall just days after we return from a business trip. I want to be sure to make the effort to get something ready so it will be there on time. And honestly, when it comes to blowing it for birthdays, I kind of blew it on my sweet husband’s birthday last year (and the year before that) so I want to make sure that I do something special this year. If I start making that commitment now I am hopeful that I will have something planned and in place before the big day arrives. It’s also time for us to take some steps to plug in at church. 2012 was pretty unpredictable for us and so we just came to church and sat in the pew. But it’s time to be part of the body, to make new connections and build new friendships and serve. Again, please ask me how this is coming.

Since my resolution chart has worked so well for me I was looking for something to use for my goals too and found this clever idea. It’s a form/fancy document to record your major goals. I love that it has a reward built right in! If you’re looking for something to track your big goals instead of a daily checklist, this is probably for you. Check it out!

So now that I’ve bared my soul, it’s your turn. How are you coming with your goals for 2013? (I just typed 2012 and had to go back and fix it. Really?)


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  1. So glad you enjoyed the Industrial Resolution form 13-6A and hope your readers find it useful (or at least entertaining). Good luck in 2013 — James | FoolishFire

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