What’s for Dinner {This Week}

What’s for Dinner {This Week}

It’s Monday. The first of the year. I love the fresh-slateness of a new week in a new year. I love having a menu plan and full cupboards and everything I need to make the items on our list. It could be a control issue…not that I’m controlling or that everything else in my life feels out of control. Not at all. *grin

So here’s this week’s menu:

Monday: pork tenderloin, Paula Deen’s cornbake, and fruit. I tried this Corn Casserole at Easter and it is seriously good eating. Completely fat free too, just like everything from Paula Deen. (There really should be a sarcasm font.)

Tuesday: fajitas and homemade refried beans. Before you roll your eyes at the whole homemade refried beans thing, did you know that it’s hard to find commercially produced refried beans that don’t have garlic? (Or that I have typed “refriend” every time I tried to type refried?) Besides, look how super easy the recipe looks! And I found some salsa at the grocery store that doesn’t have garlic either. That may mean it isn’t yummy but it’s starting out behind the curve just because it’s not O’Hana’s to begin with.

Wednesday: Bourbon Street Chicken and white rice with broccoli. There’s actually no bourbon in this recipe making me unsure about how it got its name. But it’s really yummy and very simple. Too of my favorite words.

Thursday: pot roast and green salad. My MIL usually comes for dinner on Thursdays so this classic will be a perfect choice for her and I love the one-pot-meal-ness of it. I’m just planning to do the roast with carrots, onion, and potatoes and onion soup mix.

Friday: Mom’s Meaty Spaghetti Sauce and green salad.

Saturday: leftovers or Chinese

Sunday: Sausage Bake

So that’s us around here. How are you coming with your planning and resolutions? (If you were looking for low-fat, I apologize, there’s none of that here.) I’m planning a check in on resolutions at the end of the week. In the meantime, go for it!



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