Reason #5 to Live in Portland

Reason #5 to Live in Portland

Slappy Cakes! It’s a totally fun breakfast spot on 44th and Belmont. We took Cath’ and Jeff and the girls there last Saturday. So fun! Each table has its own griddle built right in so you can make your own pancakes. They offer several varieties of pancake batter which arrive in a squeeze bottle so that you can make pancakes that spell your name or just plain old silver dollar ones. Cath’ and the girls shared peanut butter batter with chocolate chips and whipped cream for mix in’s. Glenn and I had buttermilk batter with fresh blueberries (I love when they get all yummy and burst in the pancakes!) and lemon curd. And we shared a plate of candied bacon around the table: oh. my. They brew Stumptown coffee and have a full menu to order off of too. Jeff had heuvos rancheros that looked fantastic and quite substantial. We went on a holiday weekend so there was quite a wait but the hostesses seemed really on their game and moved people thru quickly. Our server was upbeat and helpful. I give it two thumbs up! (And many thanks to Vonny for alerting me to its fun and goodness!)


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