What’s for Dinner {this week}

What’s for Dinner {this week}

After some crazy new-recipe-trying last week I am ready for a phone it in kind of week. Plus I’d like to get some Christmas baking going on and I am much more likely to do that if dinner and be a less involved affair. So here’s our simplified dinner for the week.

Monday: Lettuce Wraps (from AllRecipes) and white rice. I know Mom and Dad will not like the taco-made-with-a-lettuce-leaf aspect so they’ll just have the yummy filling over rice. I love this recipe because it’s great for using up whatever vegetables you have sitting around…just chop them up and throw them in!

Tuesday: Breakfast for Dinner. I’m thinking pumpkin pancakes (the last of the pumpkin bread mixes in the cupboard, yeah!), some sausage, and fried eggs for Glenn since he won’t want the pumpkin pancakes. (I know, there’s something wrong with that man.)

Wednesday: Steak with broccoli and baked potatoes

Thursday: Chicken Curry and steamed rice. I made rice three times the first week we were here and have not heard the end of it. I’m a little worried this week will revive those comments but I can’t really make chicken curry without the rice! This is another recipe that will use whatever vegetables I want to throw in there.

Friday: Sweet Apricot Chicken in the crock pot (from Chef in Training) with sauteed spinach and green salad. Do you think homemade peach jam will work the same as apricot-pineapple jam? Here’s hoping. Fingers crossed. I love the whole crock-pot cooking thing. Isn’t it lovely to just have everything cooking away and the kitchen cleaned hours before dinner? It gets a little tricky around here because sometimes the crock pot mysteriously gets turned off but if I keep an eye on it, it’s still a great way to cook!

Saturday: Sloppy Joes (from AllRecipes) with chips and pears. (I can’t find the recipe I usually use so I think I’ll give this one a try…probably with brown sugar instead of white sugar though.)

Now to focus on Christmas baking and gift purchasing and gift wrapping and cleaning and organizing and… What about you? What’s on your list this week?


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