Today I Am Thankful


In the last twelve months I have quit the job that I adored, sold the house that I loved, and left behind the community that I found so rich. Less than one calendar year later I find myself living with my husband and my dog in my parents’ basement. Sometimes it’s easy to get a little focused on what is missing. We loved our house, loved our town, lived our dream. Even Pinterest now seems ill-advised at times because it just pokes at what I no longer have. But I really don’t want to be that person-that person that can’t celebrate the joys of others because she is so focused on her own hurts and disappointments.

In the middle of our second move this year, when I was feeling a little bit desperate and a lot a bit snappish, I changed the image on my facebook to say “Today I am thankful.” At that point it was more about a choice of will than an actual feeling of gratitude welling up from my heart. (And that’s when it became one of Nancy’s Truths!) That same day a really smart woman I know {Hi Theresa!} posted a quote about being so focused on what I don’t have that I miss what I do. Ouch. She was soooo speaking to me. It turns out that either other people struggle with this too or else there’s a lot of stuff out there just for me. Once again Tommy Newberry of The 4:8 Principle has a quote that is exactly on topic. (Cathy posted it and I copied it for when I was feeling strong enough to put this out there.) Here it is:

“At any given moment, you can choose to pay attention to what’s present or what’s missing, what’s working or what’s broken, what you achieved or what you messed up, what’s available or what’s unavailable, what’s possible or what’s impossible, and what excites you or what frightens you. And, in so doing, you will win or lose the battle for your mind.”

So whether I am feeling it or not…when the sun shines and when the basement floods from the 2.5 inches of rain we had last Monday…I will choose to celebrate the abundance in my life instead of the absence. And let’s face it, I have truly an abundance. My husband; my sisters; my dear friends that have pursued our friendship across the miles, who answer a desperate text with hope and something to smile about, who meet me in Kahneeta to get my sun fix, who; my former co-workers that still make me laugh and ask me questions from time to time so that I can remember that I used to think about stuff that mattered; my dad and our quiet mornings over coffee: these are precious to me and I hate to think that I run the risk of missing their richness simply because I am unable to look beyond what I think is missing.

So today I am thankful. What about you? Any of your own life truths you want to share?


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  1. I love your story. I love that you are there for your mom. I watched my mother-in-law care for her parents and it spoke to me in ways more than any words could. Seeing friends do the same really makes the world go round. I think the ways we care for children and the elderly around us (and now you’ll have done both) show who we really are. Especially as believers. Miss you. But thank you for your writing.

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