Reason #2 to live in Portland

Reason #2 to live in Portland

Pine State Biscuits. Have you been there? It’s soooo yumalicious. It’s a tiny place on Alberta that’s so worth the trip! We had some friends in town a few weeks ago and wanted to find someplace fun for breakfast so I checked the interwebs. One of my favorite things is to check the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives website to see where Guy has been. And Pine State Biscuits came up. So we met them there for breakfast.

They are known for their biscuits (bet you figured that out) and Michelle was the ordering pro. She got an amazing biscuit with fried chicken, pickles and honey. Oh. my. I’m totally ordering that next time I’m there. Glenn had a more traditional bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit…just all scratch cooking as opposed to the Mickey Dee’s version. I had hash-ups: hash-browns with ham, cheese, and sauteed onions and peppers. Also delicious.

It’s a funny Portland kind of place with picnic tables under a cover to augment their limited indoor seating. They have recycling, compost and trash receptacles–also so Portland. And I’m sure we saw at least one person with skinny jeans, a tattoo, or unusual piercings.

It’s precisely the kind of fun and quirky place we were looking for and I’m so happy we tried it. It’s going on the schedule for Christmas!

Here’s a photo of Michelle’s biscuit…(just so you can see the scrumptiousness)













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