You just gotta laugh…

You just gotta laugh…

I’ve been stumbling around trying to write about life with my mom. I know it’s going to have to come out…it’s my life right now and to write about my life is to write about that. But I just don’t think I’m ready to put it out there. I’m not sure how to strike the balance between giving you a glimpse into life with Alzheimer’s and tattling on my mom. I want always to be respectful. And I want always to see things through a filter of her amazing life example. So for this, my first revelation about mom. Here’s a tiny little conversation we had tonight…

If you read the menu you know that tonight we had marinated t-bones (didn’t love them incidentally) and a favorite recipe of mine, Chuck Wagon potatoes. They’re kind of a pain because you have to par cook the bacon and then roasting the potatoes takes a long time but so worth it. I mean, how can you go wrong with potato, cheese, butter and bacon!?! I got started late but everyone was patient and we finally sat down to our steak and potatoes dinner.

Meals with mom have become a bit adventurous. She is pretty OCD about some things these days and I’m often torn at mealtime between giggling inappropriately and wanting to burst into tears as she struggles to do something none of us even think about. While we were eating I noticed mom was taking each bite-sized piece of roasted potato and trying to trim off the skin or cheese or bacon with her table knife. I thought maybe she didn’t know what they were so I told her, “It’s just cheese, Mom. You can eat it.” The next time I said, “It’s the skin. It’s okay if you want to eat it–it’s just like the skin on a baked potato.” Every time she just kind of giggled at me and pretty much ignored me. Until that last time. That time I said, “You don’t have to eat the potatoes if you don’t want them, Mom.” And she said, “They’re not very good.”

Hope that made you giggle too.


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  1. she does make me giggle but you make me laugh out loud, nowadays you can’t take things she says to personal – you’re doing such a good job at taking care of her and Dad. . . hope your dinner wasn’t late because of me!!

    • Funny right? She was just so funny when she said it…she kind of leaned in, all conspiratorial, like she was going to tell me a secret: “They’re not very good.”

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