What’s for Dinner {this week}

What’s for Dinner {this week}

I added some notes to last week’s menu as we tried them. I’d say all of the new recipes were keepers! (That’s pretty unusual for me…there’s almost always at least one that seemed ho-hum at best.) I’ll try to always make it back to tell you what I thought afterward. And please comment if you try any! We’d love to know what you think or how it goes for you.

This week is going by quickly–it’s already Tuesday night and I’m just now posting. In addition I haven’t made it to the grocery store yet so it’s pretty slim-pickin’s around here. (An argument to keep dinner makings in the freezer you say?) The grocery store was on my list today but my afternoon got away from me and I refuse to go at 5 o’clock if I don’t have to, so tonight is now Chinese instead. So, you know, dinner’s ready! Here’s the plan for the rest of the week:
Monday: Glenn and I got to go out to eat and Mom and Dad graciously ate lasagna. Hurray for date night and hurray for good sports. How lucky can one girl get?!?

Tuesday: I was planning on Taco Salad but since I have, well, none of the ingredients, Chinese it is!

Wednesday: We’re celebrating my sweet niece Kelly’s birthday so it will be family dinner time. I am signed up to bring her birthday cake. In our family birthday cake = chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (unless your name is David and then it’s carrot cake.) So that’s what I’ll be taking. I know some of you are hard-core and make your cakes from scratch. Not me. I use a mix. And I always use Duncan Hines. This is a family thing too. Mom always used Duncan Hines, even when she was making wedding cakes, so that’s what I use too. I know the texture is different from a scratch-baked cake but I love them anyway. And people are always impressed with it as though you’ve done something really extraordinary. If you pay attention you can get the mix for about $1 to $1.50 and the frosting (yes I am lame and buy that too) for cheap as well. Hard to beat a dessert for 10-12 for $3 or 4.

Thursday: Sweet & Spicy Glazed Salmon with rice pilaf and green salad; This is not a new recipe but it will only be my second time making it. We liked it a lot though (which is good since I had to buy Chinese mustard for the recipe.)

Friday: Wall’s T-bone Steak with Chuckwagon Potatoes and seasonal veg’; T-bone is not something I cook often ever. But I have several packages in the freezer from when we bought a quarter cow so here’s my chance to try. I’m going to try Wall’s marinade and pair it with these extravagant and delicious (though not healthy or low in fat) Chuckwagon Potatoes from an old Next Food Network Star. I thought I’d add a vegetable–whatever looks good in the grocery store.

Saturday: Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili with tortilla chips and fruit; I’m planning to spend most of Saturday at the craft store and getting started on Thanksgiving plans with my sister Delores so a crock pot meal will be perfect. Fingers crossed that it’s also delicious.

That’s it for us this week. As usual, the marinade, salmon, potatoes and chili are all on my Pinterest boards. Look for the ones that start with “taste.” Enjoy!


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